Classic working and finishes relive in our products. A wide and diversify choice, allows anyone to find what he wants and to use safe and high quality products. Stucco effects, metallics, antiqued, veiled, let's discover our range of products Stilnovo, tailored for those who know how to make a choice of taste.


Water based decorative paint with a rough effect that let you obtain an precious and antique effect on the surfaces. Thanks to the excellent performance of coverage and filling Carattere can be used as a colored finish and as a primer for the other Stilnovo decorative paints.

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Corrente is a stylish water based decorative finish for interiors, allowing you to create elegant antique-finish environments. The particular innovative formulation containing flakes creates precious colour effects giving the surface a particular antique-finish effect with high resistance and washability.

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Duecento is a water based glazing with an elegant decorative effect. The innovative metallic aesthetic finish and the wide range of colours available and different application techniques guarantee excellent results in interior decoration. Treated surfaces capture the reflections of light and of the gold inserts conveying a determined personality to interiors.

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Enfasi is a water based decorative finish with three different effects: silver, pearl and copper.

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Italia is an age-old lime plastering technique that reached its apogee in the eighteenth century. Made from selected and aged slaked lime, Italia produces a smooth, glossy finish, with subtle differences in shade that can be accentuated when the surface is polished with a stainless steel spatula. In addition, Italia provides a surface that allows the substrate to breathe.

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Parole is a decorative finish that brings new life to walls: a sparkling magic that comes from the light and by the light is spread over the entire surface. Elegance and innovation in a unique decorative effect of great class.

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Poesia is a pearlescent water based decorative finishing, allowing you to capture and create stylish interior decorative trends with a range of possibilities able to satisfy the request for different solutions. Colour becomes protagonist endowing personality and style, enhancing and refining the environment.

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Antique coating finish for interior and exterior use. Toscana produces decorative effects that provide a true antique look while ensuring the full substrate protection that only modern technologies can give. In outdoor applications, Toscana repels water while allowing the substrate to breath, preserving the naturally antiquated look of historic buildings.

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Raffinato is an elegant decorative finishing that customizes your home with refined pearlescent effects that create a lustrous shimmer that changes with the light moving across the wall, giving it a sheen like a silken drapery.

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Decorative, transparent dry erase finish based on polyurethane resin in solvent phase with a glossy finish effect. Produces a surface that can be written on with "whiteboard" markers and is easily cleanable. Applicable indoors.

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Decorative finish that brings new life to walls: a shimmering magic created from the sense of touch and the opacity of the product.

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Glitter emulsion to be added to the decorative line Stilnovo or common paints. Luci are available in three different effects: gold, silver and holographic.

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PrestigioNEW 2017

Prestigio can be applied to create four different effects: marble, travertine, exposed-concrete or natural stone. Prestigio allows the maximum breathability of the surface and is equipped with excellent anti-mold propertics thanks to the special lime-based formulation.

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Elegance, tradition, taste, innovation, quality, this is Stilnovo.



Stucco effects, metallics, antiqued, veiled, let's discover our range of products Stilnovo.



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